"It was 10 years ago that I met Emily as an instructor in a weekly Pilates class. I loved her style immediately - she tried new things at every class so I was never bored with the same old routines.  I then moved on to individual sessions with her (which I continue to this day) where I was introduced to myofascial release techniques using rollers, balls, chairs and blocks that have helped keep my body limber and in shape. She stresses the need to keep moving, while focusing on proper alignment and  customizes workouts and release techniques to your body.  I consider her my "movement therapist," someone I rely on to help me if I have a certain area of the body that needs a little extra care. I highly recommend Emily, whether you need whole body workouts, myofascial release, or massage."


August 2021 



"I have had the most amazing homecoming to my own body through my work with Emily. Using MFR through zoom we have worked on some lingering symptoms from having had COVID and some other body/mind questions. I have experienced a profound shift in my feeling of being peaceful inside my body and moving from a place of fear to a place of love. The simple body mechanics of MFR make so much sense and I’m so grateful to have found this healing modality! And the gracious warmth of Emily."

-Anonymous 4/15/21

"Emily thinks about healing in ways that blow your mind & yet are completely known to your body."- Gari Julius Weilbacher 

"What I have learned from Emily and her approach to functional movement has changed the way I view exercise and honestly, even the way in which I live. I, like so many, believed that in order to find a benefit from exercise your heart needs to be pounding, you must be dripping in sweat and most importantly, you must push through any pain to keep going. Emily has given me the awareness to listen to what my body is telling me and to not ignore those signals. Our bodies want to move in harmony and tell us what needs to be done to get there, if we actually take the time to listen. Although she is a certified Barnes’ Myofascial Release therapist, her deep knowledge of physiology and anatomy is based on more than just one modality.  She has years of experience from working as a massage therapist, a pilates teacher and her own qigong practice from which to draw. As a student of qigong, I am drawn to the way she uses elements from this ancient practice to help guide you through slowly moving through different muscle groups in order to build strength. The simplicity of the movement is deceptive in that we are accustomed to believing that strength comes from force and momentum. What Emily has taught me is that using momentum will never be able to provide what the process of slowly engaging different muscle groups in a succession offers. What she has shown me is that focus, intent and real functional knowledge provides one with the ability to live in harmony with your body. Most of all, she has shown me a pathway to feeling proud of what my body can do, rather than constantly feeling inadequate and disconnected from my own body." Anjali Shaw

"I've been taking functional movement classes with Emily Smith through Crowdsourcing Delight. on Tuesdays at 4:30pm. EST.  She's deeply knowledgeable about how the body moves- every class I'm learning so much at the same time that I'm getting a work out.  You can do as much or as little as you want to your capacity.  It's really good." - Etja


"I have been a client of Emily over the past 15 months. Initially, I was skeptical that myofascial release could provide relief from my chronic pain secondary to Parkinson’s Disease. I was amazed how effective and quickly my body responded to the sustained and gentler pressure on the fascial system. Emily’s knowledge and her use of the appropriate release techniques has been extremely effective in treating the rigidity, tightness, and pain associated with my Parkinson’s Disease. I am now able to ambulate easier and exercise with significant improvements in my flexibility and a  reduction in pain and stiffness. Recently, I was experiencing persistent symptoms and so I decided to try a 90 minute guided self-treatment session on line. The next day I did not have spasms in my low back for the first time in two months. Emily is a treasure and a blessing." Dr. Jeffrey Tucker



"The expansive experience earned through Myofascial Release allows for a clear connection of pathways throughout the networks of windy rivers and roads I visualize as my fascia. I'm a surfer, and I think release feels similar to the energy that propels you along the surface of a wave while surfing. Being able to bring my mind and body closer together has allowed me to explore each wave in life. Now, rather then fighting the daily stress that coincides with human nature, I am able to embrace it, allowing a more homeostatic response." Logan Young


"When I first met Emily and she told me about treating my various pains using Myofascial techniques, I was very skeptical.
After a few treatments, I found I was becoming more flexible, with less pain. At one point, after I had injured myself lifting weights, I could hardly walk. I could have used a walker, almost completely crippled.  After receiving one hour hands-on treatment with Emily, I was able to move about with ease within two days. Emily has treated me since as needed. Her treatments are non invasive, painless and a better alternative than surgery or pills.
Emily does more than just treat. Emily cares about her clients. She explains what she is doing and why and gives you appropriate exercises. When I am in pain, she helps me remember I am adaptable. I tell her she fixed me, she says I was never broken. 
 I recommend her for anyone having pain, needing flexibility, or improving their overall health."  Larry


"Emily is one of the most gifted healers I’ve ever worked with - I've been her client both as a body worker and a personal trainer. I particularly appreciate the breadth of her expertise in multiple modalities including myofascial release, qi gong, yoga, pilates, and original strength. What I believe makes her unique, is her drive to get to the heart of the matter. Emily diligently worked with me to identify the root causes of my pain patterns and as she helped my body to unwind, she developed and adapted individualized, targeted treatment plans. What I most appreciate about Emily is how she has helped me to understand my own body, which has allowed me to become my own bodyworker and personal trainer."   


Alison Deutsch CiPP, CPC, ELI-MP, MBA
Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner, Certified Personal Development Coach



"Locked in but not willing to lose the therapeutic and restorative benefits of my regular Pilates sessions, I've been working with Emily since 2012 and on-line with Emily for a month. Even from a distance, she sees me: what my body needs; what my spirit needs on any given day, using the basic equipment I have around my house, she is able to guide me through a complete workout, After a session, I am rejuvenated by the movement and soothed by her calming presence. It's a gift in these anxious times." Cheryl Petersohn

"I met Emily as a student in her class, Evolving Pilates at Main Line School Night and I have been a regular Myofascial Release patient for several years. Emily knows my body so well and is a definite plus in my life. I have I have had great success working with Emily to help neuropathy in my legs and feet as a result of chemotherapy and radiation.  She treats areas that need help." Ann Orr


I slipped hiking and before I had even landed on my hip and wrist, I thought, "How will I recover without a chiropractor visit and survive pandemic life without my daily walk and yoga?!" I would never have guessed that something so simple as lying on a pillow and breathing through my nose could help me get moving again. After a couple of days of sitting, lying down, and moving with fairly constant discomfort, Emily serendipitously texted me to check in from Alaska. We scheduled an initial 15-minute session that same day on FaceTime. She had a look to see how I was carrying my body. Then, she guided me through a few simple techniques that provided immediate relief and helped me reclaim mobility. Within 2 days of practice, I experienced release, re-aligned movement and could get through my day with less pain. After 3 more mini-sessions and as my injury felt less acute, we layered on a few more techniques. Within the week, I fully returned to normal activity. I have integrated what I learned into my movement practices, especially when I start to feel restrictions again. Still feeling amazed I could create results like this on my own without ever being touched." Kasey Thompson



"In these troubling times, it's been a real comfort for me to continue my weekly sessions with Emily via FaceTime. I consider Emily my "movement therapist." Her message and methods are all about keeping the body fluid and in motion, without pain. She has taught me to pay attention to my body and how to heal myself gently when some part of my body is sore, tense or in pain. I truly believe that my work with Emily has been important to my overall physical and mental health. "

Karen Gelman


Emily is comforting, healing and smart. She helps the body and mind heal.  She helps me tune in to my body. I address imbalances as she guides me through customized MFR techniques.  I experience relieve occasional pain and discomfort and the work I do with her helps  keep me feeling young and flexible. Recently, after neglecting my routine, my right shoulder was restricted with limited movement and pain. I returned to the practice I learned from Emily and felt immediate release and less pain. While lying on my back, I placed a soft yellow ball under my right shoulder with a yoga block holding my head . I rested in this position for 15-20 minutes and now the right shoulder restriction is gone! I will not forget how valuable it is to compress the back of the head!
 Though our sessions are now online, Emily can access my body and recommend customized techniques to ease tension and help tissues re-hydrate. I have experienced the benefits of compression and decompression on my body from Emily’s skilled teaching and guidance. I feel great!

Mindy Glassman


"One of the many challenges to this strange time is missing my in person session each week with Emily - her guiding words, her thoughtful observations and suggestions, her knowledge of my body (and my creaky spots) through years of practice together, and her touch.  Save for one of these - I really miss your hands Emily! - I am so appreciative that I still have her to reach out to and to work with.  It's surprising how much she can see on that little screen, but she has been able to identify just the work I need to get life into my dormant tissues. Thank you so much!"

Betsy H


"Emily provided a routine of exercises, which were easy to remember and required little in the way of equipment except a roller.  I have found that if I do the exercises a few times a week, I am able to prevent neck tightness and am no longer in need of muscle relaxers for my neck.  Emily really knows the body and how to help it work to its full potential!" Carol Lerner


"When I practice the techniques my sister taught me, I not only relieve the signals that reminded me to listen, I forget about the symptoms I had all together.  It is as if my mind and body have amnesia of pain ever existing. Freedom to move is the reminder to keep up my practice to prevent loss of mobility and pain from coming back. With her words and with or without her touch, I continuously help myself move out of debilitating pain." Damian Smith