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Transform with Myofascial Release and Movement in Asheville, North Carolina? 

Soften, feel, move and heal.

I am Emily Smith, licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist specializing in individualized Myofascial Release and therapeutic movement education. I am honored to share the warmth and wisdom of my 20 years experience helping others explore the senses. I have received expert level training in John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Approach® and have been practicing MFR since 2012. I am certified in Pilates with the Physicalmind Institute and have training in Qigong and yin yoga. I have been guiding others in movement since 2003. 

If you are in Asheville or elsewhere and want to experience improved mobility, Myofascial Release or are in pain, I can help in person and online. My practice provides individualized Myofascial Release Therapy, therapeutic movement and self-myofascial release treatments by appointment online and in person for transformation, integration rehabilitation from trauma, injuries, surgeries and pain relief in Asheville, NC.

Providing personalized Myofascial Release Therapy, self myofascial release, Pilates and individual and group therapeutic movement education by appointment online and in person in Western North Carolina in downtown Asheville, North Carolina at Blomkraft Studio 121/2 Wall Street Suite F.

For scheduling please email [email protected], or text or call: 484.472.3626

 My evolving and eclectic approach blends my warmth and wisdom of exploring human healing through breath, movement and touch. I provide individualized Myofascial Release Therapy, self myofascial release guidance, Pilates and therapeutic movement education by appointment online and in person in Western North Carolina in downtown Asheville and seasonally in Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, PA.


Alter the patterns of your life unwinding the fabric of your being.

 Cultivate sensitivity with the languages of the body.

Love is our natural state.

"Love is the absence of judgement."- Dalai Lama

"Love is the total absence of fear"- Gerald Jampolsky

"Myofascial restrictions are frozen fear -" John F Barnes

Invite yourself to soften like the Earth, melt your fears and let go of judgement.

Embrace the naturally blessed ability to restore harmony in your body, mind and spirit and be in love with the freedom to move everyday, every way and everywhere you wish.

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For scheduling please email [email protected] text or call Emily 484.472.3626


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