On-line  and in-person masked sessions 

Sessions in Ashville, your home, virtually, in-person masked, indoor/outdoor
Available by appointment 

484-476-3626 or [email protected]


Myofascial Release, Therapeutic Touch, Movement and Massage

In person: $125/ 75 minutes 

Individualized, Teletherapy, self-health session:

  • Includes intake, postural assessment, goal setting, photos and/or videos  
  • Individualized breathing, self-myofascial release, stretching, strengthening and body-mind centering techniques
    using Pilates equipment,
     household furniture and other props as fitness and massage apparatus
  • $70/60 min on-line

Four Hands Bodywork Therapy/ 2 Bodyworkers per recipient $250/75 minutes 

Partner Bodywork Therapy/ 2 Bodyworkers & 2 recipients $250/75 minutes 


Zoom Group Classes

fees are dependent on host


Venmo accepted