Solbody Movement and Bodywork (2)Solbody Movement and Bodywork (2)

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Myofascial Release Therapy and Movement   

Sessions include: intake,  body reading, myofascial release treatment and movement,

and self myofascial release guidance for ongoing self care.

Asheville Locations:

Tuesdays 12 1/2 Wall St. Suite F  Asheville, NC 28801 

Wednesdays & Fridays 372 Depot St Suite Asheville, NC 28801 

For services in Black Mountain contact Emily directly 484.472.3626 [email protected] 



10% discount with weekly sessions on a monthly basis
work trade and sliding scales available 


Myofascial Release & Restorative Movement 

 $150/60 minutes
$175/75 minutes

$200/90 minutes 

 $250/120 minutes 


Myofascial Release Couples & Co-Treatments (2 therapists) 

available Tuesdays and Sundays at Blomkraft Studio and in Black Mountain at my home/studio 

 $250/60 minutes
$300/75 minutes

$350/90 minutes 

$450/120 minutes 


Personalized Pilates and Restorative Movement

Pilates matwork available Tuesdays at Blomkraft Studio in Asheville 

Pilates Reformer, Tower and Chair available in Black Mountain by contacting Emily directly 

$125/60 minute private session

$160/60minute semi private session 2 people

$210/60 minute semi private 3 people

$240/60 minute semi private 4 people

$24/$20 cash Group Class Tuesdays 6:15-7:15pm at Blomkraft Studio 


Online Personalized Guided Self Myofascial and Restorative Movement
available on zoom or facetime
$125/hour online
10% discount with weekly sessions on a monthly basis
cash discounts
work trade and sliding scales available 

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Black Mountain Airbnb Wellness Retreat & Health Day Spa IMG_1527 (1)IMG_1527 (1)

Services in Black Mountain include: Myofascial Release intensives and individual treatments, personalized individual and group instruction in Myofascial Release, Self Myofascial Release, Pilates, Qigong, Yin Yoga, nourishing movement, and healthy homemade meals & fresh pressed juices.

Services are available at Emily's home studio in Black Mountain by appointment

and when you reserve the Airbnb located directly behind my home.

Contact Emily directly for information and scheduling for all services in Black Mountain


[email protected]



Venmo, Paypal, Zelle, cash and check accepted

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