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August 9-14 2021

Community Acupuncture of Mount Airy 

6782 Germantown Ave in Philadelphia, PA 19119

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Menu of Services:


Solbody Myofascial Release Therapy

 Individualized, in person, hands-on Myofascial Release treatment by appointment

  •  Includes health history, posture and movement observations, goal setting and hands on Myofascial Release treatment
  • Initial Session $150/ 90 minutes
  • $76 monthly & service industry courtesy hourly rate for those financially in need
  • $125/75 minutes 

Four Hands MFR: 2 Bodyworkers per recipient available by appointment

  • Includes health history, posture and movement observations, goal setting, Myofascial Release
  • Summer Special  $160/60 min


Simple Human Movement & Solbody Self-Myofascial Release 

Individualized sessions available online and in person for individuals and small groups by appointment

  • Includes health history, posture and movement observations, goal setting, personalized self treatment and movement education, photos and/or videos 
  • Session includes: individualized breathing, self-myofascial release, stretching and strengthening practice using household furniture and other props: foam rollers, yoga props (Pilates equipment available by request) as fitness and massage apparatus
  • $85/75 minutes in person for 1 person
  • $1/min online for 1 person  


* Online and in person group rates are dependent on the # of participants and in person location
* Hybrid sessions available 




Evolving Pilates

Learn new "hundreds” and other creatively updated variations on Pilates' repertoire that strengthen for vertical alignment and eliminating fascial restrictions and postural imbalances without reinforcing a forward head posture. This class integrates the principles of Pilates, human movement and The John F. Barnes’ Myofascial Release Approach®


10 Yummy Ways to Use a Foam Roller

Have fun exploring safe and gentle ways to use a foam roller for releasing myofascial restrictions, softening, lengthening and strengthening without adding insult to injury and vice versa.  Explore awareness, movement and breath while shape shifting on all levels and planes. Learn ways to rehydrate your Fascia with minimal fitness and massage equipment. Your body will receive nourishment and feel replenished. 

Being in Shapes 

Sitting is now known as "the new smoking" then, may I ask, why are we still being told to sit for meditation, therapy and schooling? Explore a series of alternative shapes for meditation, relaxation and restoring balance and posture. Unwind your mind and body while releasing the fascial restrictions created by days and decades of prolonged sitting.

Shape Up 

Awareness of posture is an integral part of holistic health and improves musculoskeletal imbalance. Unwind, realign and reconnect with your body practicing movement and relaxation exercises to both soften, lengthen and strengthen for maintaining vertical alignment. Based on the principles of Pilates and the John F. Barnes’ Myofascial Release Approach®, these exercises will help you feel, look and live healthfully. We will use a yoga mat and a yoga block or a book of equal size. 
Simple Human Movement: Moving for Longevity
When we move in the ways we are designed to move, moving is our pleasure. Staying strong, limber and mobile is part of healthy aging. Adaptability is ageless. Maintaining the suppleness and strength in your legs improves the ability to stand and walk without pain.  In this class, change levels using standing, seated and grounding exercises to improve the health of your body so that getting up and down from a chair or the ground and standing up for yourself will always be easy.


Introduction to Self Myofascial Release

Fascia is the fabric of our biology and biographies protecting and connecting us all yet, many of us still have not heard the word. Cultivate natural healing adapting through movement and breath. Take pleasure being in self healing shapes while learning about the communication and transportation system containing awareness, information and fluid. This class is based on the principles of The John F. Barnes’ Myofascial Release Approach® and Qigong.


Hip hip hooray

Our hips hold so much physically and emotionally and overdosing on sitting is adding insult to injury. We call it “Glute Maximus” for a reason. Butt and hip muscles are designed for maximum heavy lifting. Autonomously release and strengthen the prime mover and stabilizing force of our magnificent bodies.