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 Solbody Myofascial Movement and Healing Arts 



Are you looking for pain relief in Asheville, North Carolina? How about a transformed relationship with your body?

I am grateful to share my warmth and wisdom and am honored to help others breath, move, feel and heal. I am Holistic Healing and Movement Arts Practitioner licensed in Massage and Bodywork Therapy in PA and NC specializing in individualized Myofascial Release and therapeutic movement education. It is my honor to help people sense, feel, move and heal. I have received expert level training in John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Approach® and have been practicing MFR since 2012. I am certified in Pilates with the Physicalmind Institute and training in Qigong and yin yoga and have been guiding others in movement since 2003. 

If you’re feeling stuck or in pain in Asheville or elsewhere, I can help in person and online. My practice provides individualized Myofascial Release Therapy, therapeutic movement and self-myofascial release treatments by appointment online and in person for integration and pain relief in Asheville, NC.

For scheduling please email [email protected], or text or call: 484.472.3626

Providing personalized Myofascial Release Therapy, self myofascial release, Pilates and therapeutic movement education by appointment online and in person in Western North Carolina in downtown Asheville, North Carolina at Blomkraft Studio 121/2 Wall Street Suite F


Solbody Myofascial Release and Movement Therapy

 Individualized, in person, hands-on Myofascial Release treatment by appointment

  •  Includes health history, posture and movement observations, goal setting and hands on Myofascial Release treatment
  • Initial Session $150/120 min
  • $100/75 minutes 
  • $76 monthly
  • $66 weekly