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 Movement is a universal language body we originally taught ourselves. 
Create a practice of choosing to change your consciously and subconsciously
movement habits. Rediscover natural movement without designer exercise instruction. In lieu of doing proscribed "exercises" in a gym, mindfully move in the ways our bodies are designed to move in the patterns of everyday living. Blend our universal developmental and functional movement patterns, Qigong based movements and self Myofascial Release Therapy to autonomously restructure your strength while restoring your softness. Unwind patterns and reorganize your understanding of how you are organized. Avoid chronic and acute injury, pain and discomfort releasing and elongating myofascial restrictions. Rest while awake and reshape yourself without imposing injury. Develop a habitual daily self care practice to maintain balance in the tensegrity and hydration of your fascia. Refresh and harmonize your body, mind and spirit connection. Movement and touch are medicine and main ingredients in the recipe for happiness, longevity, health, functional joint mobility, stability, balance, athletic and lifetime performance. Create healing seeking pleasure and finding joy in breathing, free range movement and conscious touch. Change the look and feel of your internal and external landscape learning how to translate the languages of your body. Maintain lifelong adaptability, mobility, balance and vertical alignment. Personalized sessions with Emily are available by appointment in person and online.


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 My evolving and eclectic approach blends my warmth and wisdom of exploring human healing through breath, movement and touch. 

 Cultivate sensitivity with the languages of your body. Posture, movement and body language are expressions of our life's experience and self healing tools.  

Your body tells your story




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