Solbody Movement


Life, breath, movement and the human body are a balance of expansion and contraction, softness and strength. Invite yourself to move your body the way it is designed to be, moved.
Movement is a universal language the body is intended to speak fluently and fluidly throughout life. Movement is medicine and intended to be enjoyed as work and play.  Expanding our movement vocabulary and reclaiming the freedom to move for pleasure, like breathing, is a thrill of being human to be take delight in daily.

My evolved and eclectic approach to movement is based on moving vs exercising and in trusting the subconscious mind's ability to soften by letting go. As adaptable minds and bodies, we can recall the natural patterns that we originally used to teach ourselves how to stand up on our own. Our ideal alignment as "Homo Erectus" is one in vertical alignment, a series of balanced concave and convex curves. The human body in balance like life is not linear, it is simply is a balance of expansion and contraction. We stand as one on the Earth.





  • Sessions include: musculoskeletal and postural observations/body reading, health history, goal setting & personalized techniques includes video and/or photos  
  • Emily guides others in  stimulating the therapeutic, sustained and gentle pressure of Myofascial Release Therapy (MFR) to eliminate restrictions in fascia. MFR is an an energetic and physical therapy that serves as a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals and surgery for treating and preventing wear and tear injury, chronic pain, dysfunction and disease caused by fascial restrictions (still undetectable by medical scans). 
  • Gently stimulate the fascial system, relax tension autonomously and mindfully cultivate strength 
  • Explore awareness, movement and breath while mindfully shifting shape on all levels and planes 
  • Move through a series of yin/passive and yang/active shapes for balance, softening, lengthening and strengthening posture for vertical alignment
  • Learn ways to make your house your own health spa using household furniture as exercise, meditation, myofascial release and massage apparatus
  • Incorporate strengthening and self myofascial release practice into daily movement habits  
  • Create a daily practice of unwinding without an agenda 
  • Develop the art of communicating with your body
  • Rest while awake, reset body and mind and restore yourself to homeostasis
  • Create balance in tensegrity, flush and rehydrate your Facial System for holistic health and function in all systems 
  • Create your shape being yin in the shape you are in and yang in the shapes you want to create.

















Movement and touch are intended to be as nourishing and necessary as nutritious food.

Movement can be like a piece of cake, yummy and easy.

Invite yourself to move the way you were designed to be, moved for pleasure, play, work and healing. The human body is specialized for movement and organically includes a built in manual for longevity. Refresh your mind and body with the movements you originally taught yourself with innate wisdom. Nourish your body, mind and soul with healthy and delicious movements.