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Every body needs movement. Rediscover movement without designer movement instruction. In lieu of doing proscribed "exercises", mindfully move in the ways our bodies are designed to move. Blend self myofascial release and the movement patterns we all originally taught ourselves to autonomously restore and maintain adaptability, alignment, suppleness and strength. Cultivate awareness and energy to maintain optimal health, joint mobility, balance, athletic and lifetime performance. Choose your shapes wisely.
Remain upright and vertical for a lifetime. Seek and find  joy in free range movement as an adult. Simple human movement is a daily practice of waking up to move consciously.




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My evolving and eclectic approach to guiding movement blends my knowledge of the body's ability to heal through breath, movement and touch from my 40+ years of exploring and studying movement, 20 years training and experience teaching therapeutic movement and almost 10 years of extraordinary training and practice in John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Approach® .

 Posture, movement and body language are expressions of our life's experience and self healing tools.  

Your body tells your story




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