Online Guided Myofascial Self Treatment and Movement Sessions

Personal and Individualized Sessions 

This unique and evolving practice is a fusion of breathwork, restorative movement, and Myofascial Release.

Discover  your own personalized daily self care practice, listening to your body's wisdom as the guide of your own care.  
creating health, strength, and longevity. 
Learn how to identify and treat your own postural imbalances/fascial restrictions for eliminating and preventing pain, restoring joint mobility and recreating reflexive core strength.
Soften, lengthen and strengthen, spending time being yin and yang in shapes using household furniture and props for myofascial release and functional strengthening.  Refresh and reset the Fascial System. Ground and center. Nourish yourself with movement, remembering the movement patterns you originally taught yourself. Restore your reflexive strength and upright vertical alignment with simple and effective strategies you can practice in everyday life. grand me bestgrand me best

Online Group Sessions

Hip Help on the Way

Mondays 12-1pm January 15-29 2024

3 sessions/$55

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The gluteus maximus muscle is regarded as the strongest muscle in your body and is responsible for the movement and stability of your hips and legs. Weak glutes can lead to a variety of problems including back, knee and hip pain. Learn a daily self care practice of releasing fascial restrictions and creating core strength for changing posture for balance, longevity, and strength.