Online Guided Myofascial Self Treatment and Movement Sessions

Personal and Individualized Sessions 

This unique and evolving practice is a fusion of breathwork, movement,  and self myofascial release.

Learn an adaptability practice of listening to your body's wisdom for creating fascial health and longevity. Treat, retreat, and prevent pain. Soften and release fascial restrictions spending time being yin in individualized restorative shapes using household furniture as antigravity props  and myofascial release tools. Refresh  and reset the system connecting all of your systems. Understand how to listen to your own Fascial System as the guide of your own care.  Ground and center. Nourish yourself with the movements you need to use daily remembering the movement patterns you originally taught yourself. Restore your reflexive strength and upright vertical alignment with simple and effective strategies you can practice in your everyday movements.

Change the ways you move releasing subconscious holding patterns. 

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Online Group Sessions