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  Heal Yourself with Breath, Touch, Movement, Posture


Self Myofascial Release Therapy


Free Zoom Group Classes in April


Solbody Self Myofascial Release 

 Love your one and only body like our one and only Earth. 

Sol is the scientific word used to describe the liquid state some substances return to from a solidified state with the gentle force of compression, friction and movement. Like the Earth, the human body is mostly water, changing in shape, state and consistency. Fascia is the adaptable, resilient and seamless connective tissue web that holistically contains, protects, distinguishes and connects all water and every other part of a human being. It is the extracellular matrix transporting all fluids, nutrients and information in the body and it is the environment our cells call home. Fascia is adapting in every moment to the changes in our internal and external environment as reflected through our unique and individualized posture. This Yin class will incorporate the use of a chair, foam roller, yoga blocks, balls or other available tools as awareness training apparatus that stimulate tissue change while passively simulating the manual pressure as applied in John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Approach
Softening is key to adaptability, lengthening, strengthening health and longevity. 

 Spend time being and breathing while I guide you through Yin (passive) shapes that align the body for optimal mobility, stability and lifelong vertical alignment. Reconnect with your body and the sacred language of touch.

 Surrender tension and rehydrate. Meld with the ground. Be a sol body. Adapt like the Earth. 

Weekly in April for FREE

Wednesday 6:30-7:00pm est

Please register with Emily to receive zoom link

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Solbody Partners' class will additionally include an exchange of hands on techniques with your chosen partner.



Simple Human Movement

Movement is a main ingredient in the recipe for longevity.

Movement is intended to be easy and for our pleasure, like a piece of cake. I like thinking of movement as if it were food.

I love nourishing, delicious and indulgent movement and food.

Consider what would be the 5 basic movement groups...What are the movements we need for our survival and thrival? 

 Trust yourself to move with the innate wisdom you were born with. Remember the original movement patterns you taught yourself. Release, recover, rebuild and maintain balance in mobility and strength. Treat and prevent pain autonomously through daily movement.
Explore the art of healing naturally communicating with the languages of the body: breath, movement, touch, posture and sound. Invite yourself to learn a daily practice of yin (passive) and yang (active) techniques using your own household furniture and nature as movement, manual therapy and awareness training apparatus. Check out these hip openers I practice using the kitchen counter while I wait for morning coffee.
 Spend time being and breathing while I guide you through Yang (active) shapes that align the body for optimal mobility, stability and lifelong vertical alignment. 

Learn to speak the universal language of movement and posture.

Weekly in April for FREE

Wednesday 12:00-12:30pm est

Please register with Emily to receive zoom link



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Indoor Landscaping

Cultivate an indoor landscape and develop your green thumb. Learn the basics of growing plants indoors from soil, light, temperature, watering, pruning and repotting. Create a soul nourishing oasis for years ahead. Emily will share simple posture techniques for safely stretching, lifting and carrying our bodyweight+ for indoor and outdoor movement. Understanding how to care for plants is a way to deepen our understanding of how we care for our bodies.